O.M.S. was established in 1994 by leaders in the Medical industry. From its origins in the forefront of fast-paced technology changes, O.M.S. has produced various software and hardware packages to aid in both computer and Medical device development. For computer software O.M.S. has brought to market such systems as medical office billing, record keeping, and statistical research. Medical Device development experience includes respirators, glucose monitoring, fluid management and pumping, biofeedback, cryogenic, and much more.


CEO – Margaret Austin, PhD is a clinical psychologist with a background in technology development. She designed the software functions of the original OMS product, an office management system using the needs of psychologists in private and group practices as a guide. Since that time, she has provided oversight of company development, defined the marketplace, and designed strategic changes of focus, as well as managed contracts, agreements, and the finance of O.M.S. More recently, she has participated in the design of current products with an emphasis on customer usability.


VP of Product Development & Director of Engineering - William Mandel, MBA is an Electrical Engineer with a degree from UCLA. He has a long history of real-time embedded systems development in the medical device field, working in a variety of roles. Research and Development are his passion and he has significant experience in all aspects of design, manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. He provides the innovative spark leading to the success of OMS and even develops Quality and Regulatory, systems for other small medical device companies.