Oasis Medical Solutions


O.M.S. was established in 1994 by leaders in the Medical industry. From its origins in the forefront of fast-paced technology changes, O.M.S. has produced various software and hardware packages to aid in both computer and Medical device development. For computer software O.M.S. has brought to market such systems as medical office billing, record keeping, and statistical research. Medical Device development experience includes respirators, glucose monitoring, fluid management and pumping, biofeedback, cryogenic, and much more.


We understand the classical development process and maintain our own quality manual system. Our quality system allows the flexibility for us to utilize a customer's system or use ours, based on customer or project needs. You as a customer will have the ability to monitor the progress online 24/7. Our highly skilled professional will log their efforts on a dedicated website which include photos, meeting notes, specifications, timelines and progress.


Another unique area that O.M.S. provides is to the ability to simulate a project before the development begins. This simulation of the end product provides accelerated communication between executive staff and development staff and results in decrease time spent on specification development. This simple tool also lends itself to presentation use and system training.


O.M.S. is a virtual basis company that brings all of these tools to the marketplace resulting in a low-cost alternative to beefing up overhead or creating a new system while allowing specialist concentrate on their expertise. This system also benefits individuals who consult for O.M.S. to live and work in a self created environment where they can thrive.


O.M.S. continues its commitment to simplifying technology with the goal of bridging the gap between complex technology and everyday computer use. We live in a unique age where people and companies have exciting new degrees of freedom.