O.M.S. has an over 20-year history in Research and Development consulting in the medical device field, working with companies to develop products such as implantable glucose monitors, hemodialysis systems, and cryogenic heart valve ablation. O.M.S. also consults with small medical device firms to create Quality and Regulatory systems designed specifically for their situation and to move quickly through both national and international regulatory hurdles.


O.M.S. works in association with a cadre of professionals who provide specialized development services for hire. These contractors provide a variety of services within the medical device industry, including

SolidWorks and AutoCAD development, software, hardware, board design and building services, as well as others.


O.M.S. is a virtual company that brings all of these tools to the marketplace resulting in a low-cost alternative to beefing up overhead or creating a new system while allowing specialists to concentrate on their areas of expertise. This system also benefits individuals who consult for O.M.S. since they can live and work in a self-created environment in which they can thrive.